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Make your application more advanced with Ekattor 8

Students Admission

Your schools can add their students in two different ways.

Daily Attendance

Take your students attendance in a smart way

Class List

Manage your schools class list whenever you want.


Add different subjects for different classes.

Event Calender

The school admin can manage their schools events separately.


Manage your schools class routine easily.

Student Information

Add your students information within a few minute


Manage syllabuses based on the classes.



Choose the best subscription plan for your school


INR/ Monthly

Total Students: 10

  • Description: This a Free Trial plan for 10 students.

10000 INR/ Yearly

Total Students: 500

  • Description: This plan is for 500 students for one year.

20000 INR/ Yearly

Total Students: 1000

  • Description: This plan is for 1000 students for one year.

40000 INR/ Yearly

Total Students: 2000

  • Description: This plan is for 2000 students for one year

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Frequently asked questions

Appstime is a collection of programs designed to assist schools in administering their executive responsibilities on a day-to-day basis. Appstime is an updated version of Appstime ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Also, Appstime is designed for SAAS (Software as a Service) projects.

Custom features do not coming with product support. You can contact our support center and send us details about your requirement. If our schedule is open, we can give you a quotation and take your project according to the contract.

If you use academy LMS for a commercial project of a client, you will be required extended license.

By default, you are entitled to developer support for 6 months from the date of your purchase. Later on anytime you can renew the support pack if you need developer support. If you don’t need any developer support, you don’t need to buy it.

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